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Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2023 Survey

Welcome to gradmalaysia's 2023 Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey!

In this survey, we want to know what your career ambitions are and what you think of graduate employers. Your answers will help us determine Malaysia's top employers of 2023.

Insights gathered from the survey will also be discussed in the next edition of Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers publication.

To be eligible as a survey respondent, you must be:
- an undergraduate student or fresh graduate with the legal right to work in Malaysia
- an undergraduate student of an institution of higher learning, or just graduated from an institution of higher learning within the last 12 months

This survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Your answers are anonymous and your data will be protected, so make sure your voice is heard!

-The gradmalaysia Team
Our survey uses strict data protection measures to ensure the integrity of the results. You will only be able to access the survey ONCE on any device.

We strongly suggest you complete the entire survey in one go. (It's just 10 minutes long!) If you need to save your progress and return to the survey later, please use the "Save and Continue Later" button on the survey toolbar and follow the instructions there. 

Do not close your tab/browser midway through the survey without saving, because that will restrict you from taking the survey again.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy surveying!